Weekly Newsletter: Asia’s tech giants vs their Western peers

Singapore is entering another full lockdown, which makes us wonder when our life will return to the pre-pandemic normal.

While doctors and healthcare workers are still fighting a no-end-in-sight battle, Asia’s tech giants have gone through the same intense competition with their Western counterparts over the decades. Were the East able to catch up with the West yet? Scroll down for the answer!

 How do Asia’s tech giants stack up against their Western peers?

This visual article evaluates Asia’s tech giants versus the West’s, the market impact, and the growth rates of the top 10 Asian tech giants. Click on to see how these companies are playing compared to their Western peers.

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The rise and fall of the halal blockchain: Team Labs

Team Labs, founded by 19-year-old student – Harsh Dalal and valued at US$25 million, has drawn massive attention, with Dalal being listed for Forbes’ most recent 30 Under 30. However, it didn’t last long before Dalal was withdrawn from the list. What went wrong?

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Big tech’s playbook: where Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are investing & acquiring — and what it signals about the future

A FAMGA’s playbook featuring their acquisitions and investments, top deals, and the industries that are gaining an edge amongst themselves.

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Which investors have backed the most billion-dollar companies — and who has the best hit rate?

The report visualizes the top 10 unicorn investors who have invested in dozens or even 100+ unicorns. Read on to find out who they are and who are the most efficient.

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4 lessons I learned about getting into Y Combinator (after 13 applications)

A story from a Y-Combinator applicant who has tried 13 times before getting accepted. Here’s what it takes to become part of one of the most prestigious startup accelerators in the world.

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