8 Questions with SEA Founders – Melissa Lou

      Melissa is the CEO and Co-founder of Delegate, a technology-first events company that brings a high level of insight to hospitality and events while providing strong operational frameworks. Melissa is passionate about hospitality and startups and she’s happy to connect with other like-minded professionals!

1. If you have to tell ONE thing about your startup, what would it be?

      You can trust Delegate to build the best event planning solutions for the industry because one founder hates planning and the other loves it – the perfect combination!

2. What do you think people would be most surprised to find out about you?

      I’m obsessed with productivity tools and I have a very high bar when I’m evaluating one. I’m willing to pay for it too. When I become an advocate, I’ll make sure everyone around me uses it too. It’s great to have me as a first customer!

3. What principles shape you and your company’s values?

      Trust is a very important value within our company and how we work. It means to always be reliable, transparent and to have integrity when dealing with each other and our other stakeholders.

Source: Delegate

4. If you could go back to the early days of your startups, what would you do differently?

      To launch imperfect products because there’s no such thing as the perfect product. The right product is one that aligns with the needs of customers which goes through many iterations and tweaks along the way. Launching imperfect products earlier (rather than a perfect product later) gets you there much faster.

5. Where or who do you turn to for advice and support?

      I’ve been fortunate enough to have a co-founder that complements me in running our business – I can never imagine doing this alone. Externally, I’ve received so much advice and support from our advisors, investors, and our founder friends.

6. What does “success” mean to you? How has it guided the way you work?

      Success means doing what I believe in and being authentic about it. Authenticity has fundamentally guided me in the way I work with people around me from my team, to customers and our investors.

7. What role has SEAF played in your startup journey?

      Having the opportunity to learn from many experienced founders. We share our mistakes, vulnerabilities, and challenges in a safe environment. It’s been a great support for me personally.

8. What is one piece of advice that has stuck with you for life?

      “Confidence is half the battle won.” Sometimes you just need to have that bit of faith when going through the uncertain journeys of building a startup, or even life.


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