Weekly Newsletter: A co-founder matching platform to help you find the right partner!

Matching apps have been around for decades now, but how about a matching platform that helps founders find the right business partner?
It’s too good to be true, yet Y Combinator has brought it to life by leveraging on their broad network of nascent leaders and business creators.

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Y Combinator launches co-founder matching platform

Finding a right partner to build a business is made easier as Y Combinator has decided to launch a matching platform for founders, claiming 9,000 matches across 4,500 founders to date.

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7 truths across venture investing stages

The unspoken truths at different stages of investing to help you better understand how VCs operate and what really matters. 

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The startup guide to building successful OKRs (examples included)

An A – Z explanation about OKRs, from common mistakes and challenges to building and tracking OKRs.

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10+ actionable things you can do to scale faster in the early days

Going from hiring sales reps, customer support all the way to marketing and product promotion.

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The challenger bank playbook: How 6 digital banking upstarts are taking on Retail Banking

Get to know what challenger banks are,  how they came to life and will they replace retail banks for good?

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