Founders’ Huddle 4: Take care of your mental health and lead in a crisis

We believe there is no better time to talk about mental health than this time. Thus, we’re bringing our founders together to share their personal experiences and discuss how they handled unexpected events while staying mentally stable.

Learn how to take care of mental well-being and make things right when it goes wrong with Founders’ Huddle. Because it’s where we:

  • Peel back the layers to understand how your founder fellows deal with disruptions while taking care of their mental well-being
  • Open up about your experience, put things into perspective and learn from the others
  • Surround yourself with a close circle of people who share the same values and experiences
  • Speed network with other founders that you haven’t got a chance to talk

How Founders’ Huddle works?


Moderator: Zenos

Date: 17 July 2021

Time: 10:30 AM – 12PM SGT

Location: Zoom