SEAF Weekly – The early pick decks of 25 billion-dollar companies

All startups have to go through pitch decks in their early days. To seal the deal, founders have to make sure the pitch is well-designed, convincing, and clearly conveys the messages.

If you ever wonder how big-name startups like Airbnb, Linkedin, Buzzfeed, etc., managed to secure a hundred million fund from their pitch, then look no further. Here are the most inspiring presentations to get started!

The early pitch decks of 25 startups before they became billion-dollar companies


Here’s how these tech unicorns nailed a pitch to their potential investors, recruits, customers at the early stage with their vision and compelling stories.

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378 startup failure post-mortems

There are many reasons why startups fail. We might not know what went wrong in the first place but the narratives from the founders and investors can offer plenty of invaluable insights that others might lose sight of. Pick up the lessons here.

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Visual: How a decade of work led to the GoTo merger

A visual story of how two giant tech companies crossed the path, starting from a humble beginning to becoming the disruptors of millions of consumers in Indonesia and SEA.

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Thoughts on how to get the team to work “harder”. Well, really — better.

There is no magic formula to build a productive team, but there are some good rules of thumb to keep your team work better. Here’s how.

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YC Alumni: Best practices for managing a remote team

How to keep the culture alive and inspire your employees while being entirely online? In this article, YC alumni share their best tools and practices to manage a remote team effectively.

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