Weekly Newsletter: The state of VC funding in SEA and the world

Global VC funding has hit a new record in the first half of 2021, with $288 billion invested worldwide. Meanwhile, the investment in SEA is also expected to reach new heights this year, having had US$6 billion of startup funding raised in the first quarter.

In this newsletter, we look at the current investment dynamics and the trends that are leading VC funding in SEA and all over the world.

State Of Venture Q2’21 Report

The investment to startups worldwide in Q2 2021 has hit a new record across different sectors. This report highlights the investment trends and key takeaways from the current global funding.

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Who are the most active investors in Southeast Asia’s startups?

Listing the investment firms who have invested the most in SEA’s startups in the last two years featuring the number of deals they made and their impact.

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10 reasons you didn’t get the best investors

A checklist to make sure founders are doing the right things in finding the best partners who can go with them in the long run.

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7 startups in Southeast Asia that caught our eye in 2021

These companies have one thing in common: “They each identified a relatively unexplored area and built their business around it.”

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The magic metrics of Insurtech

Insurtech is relatively different from most startups. These are three metrics that Insurtech companies should watch out for.

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