Weekly Newsletter: The rise of VC scouts in SEA

The Southeast Asia startups have gone from strength to strength in the last decade, and it remains an attractive market for investors in 2021. This has led to an emerging movement to accelerate the investment in Southeast Asia – VC scouts.

In this week’s newsletter, we set out to discover everything about VC scouts along with some good gems collected from many thought leaders in the world!

Hunting for deals: the rise of VC scouts in SEA

VC scout is a talent development program that nurtures future Venture Capitalists and helps them generate the deal flow.  Would this be a thing for SEA’s future investment?

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The secondary markets explained

The A-Z explanation about the phenomenal secondary markets, including the mechanisms of how they work and what founders need to watch out for.

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5 innovation lessons from Bill & Melinda Gates’ annual letters

5 innovation strategies and approaches that are applicable to every industry to identify opportunities, empower people, break into new markets, etc. – all through the work of the Gates Foundation.

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All the data about Y Combinator W21 Demo Day

A sneak peek into Y Combinator’s Winter 2021 batch with details about the category, country, the market maps for the US and international YC cohort. (Sign-in to CBInsights required).

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Step up your sales coaching game — Dig into the numbers to help your reps level up

All about using data to elevate sales performance, including the metrics and formula to rev up your sales reps and effectively manage the sales team.

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Happy reading!