Weekly Newsletter: What are the best sources for your startup funding?

Finding funds is probably one of the tricky parts to get your business off the ground. What’s even harder is how to find one that is right for you.

Fortunately, we have got this covered as this week’s article will dive deep into different types of startup funding and how you can find the allies to make a difference in the world.

Different sources of startup funding. What are the best choices for your startups?

Different ways to raise funds, highlighting the pros and cons to help you choose the best-suited funding sources for your startup.

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Why some founders shun venture builders

Venture builders can leverage their vast network resources to help startups cut to the chase and snowball. But do they always live up to the promises?

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With almost $100m in ARR without taking VC money, Ahrefs is now challenging Google

A young SaaS company that provides an all-in-one SEO solution is stacking up itself against the tech giant that already took 90% of the market share. Is this a fair game to play?

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How to scale customer success for growth with Totango and Zoom

As the company continues to grow and scale, you might need to handle a larger pool of customers while ensuring excellent customer support. It’s a challenging task, but luckily Totango and Zoom have got some answers.

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Why SDRs are a founder's best kept secret

An excellent sales representative is a right hand to a founder when selling. They are the launchpad to sales, customer success, and a crucial element that speed up the founder’s sales. With limited resources at early stages, should you hire one, why?

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Happy reading!