Weekly Newsletter: How to Keep Your Board Aligned with Your Vision

Creating and managing a board is one of the humps that founders have to jump, and clearly, it’s not an easy task. Hence, this week, we dive into some of the best stories of how to build and leverage your board to drive a business that aligns with your vision.

Enjoy reading and have a nice week ahead!

How to keep your board aligned with your vision 

Having a board aligned with the CEO’s vision plays a big part in a startup’s success. Here are some key points to run an effective board.

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How to create and manage a board

What you need to know to run board meetings and handle board issues, including specific explanations and examples.

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Behind the idea that spawned a multimillion-dollar business

A story of how a startup, despite having a rough start, turned into a multimillion-dollar business with revenue numbers doubling every year for the past four years.

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6 takeaways from Startup Indonesia’s report on opportunities in the digital economy

A glimpse into Indonesia’s digital economy, the challenges, and the key trends to grow a business in a country with a vibrant startup landscape in SEA.

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Should Shopee and Lazada end their mega sale events?

Shopee and Lazada have become reliant on flash sales to entice customers and drive revenue, but what does it look like without these sales events? Could it be a deal-breaker for eCommerce players?

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