Social Pods – Where Founders Meet Founders, Have Fun While Sharing Their Best Wisdom

The pandemic has posed a myriad of challenges that shun face-to-face connection, physical gathering, and human-to-human interaction.

To address this challenge, we at SEA Founders have initiated Social Pods that enable us to gather in small groups, have quality conversations, and continue to keep ourselves grounded.

After the successful launch in Dec 2020, we’re kicking start the second pod gathering and inviting all of SEA Founders members to join us!

Here is a summary of what Social Pods is all about:

  • It’s a physical or virtual gathering with 5 – 6 members in each pod (some are virtual due to travel restrictions)
  • Where you are free to chat, talk with founders from other local forums, and have FUN!
  • Play a game, enjoy dinner together and have us take care of the expenses
  • Each pod is facilitated by one host and you can pick to join any pod in the country you are based!

Here is how a social pod typically works, but you can be creative!

  • Ice breaking: get to know the most interesting facts about other founders by playing the warm-up game: “Time Machine”, “Two Truths and A Lie.”
    Detail can be found here
  • It’s showtime! Let’s discuss startups, hot topics in tech and enjoy each other company!
  • Suggested topics:
    1. Tiktok’s expansion in SEA with attractive compensation packages imposes challenges for startups to hire
    2. The new hype: Buy now – Pay later (BNPL)
    3. Building a global business

Break the ice, get into the most interesting topics, and enjoy each other company!

Meet and talk on 22 March 2021, from 7pm – 9pm SGT! 

Venue: All around South East Asia!