Weekly Newsletter: 10 Ways to Build a Moat in SaaS

Happy National Day to Singapore! 

Though it’s one day behind, we hope those in Singapore had a great day celebrating this meaningful time with their loved ones!

Move on to our weekly news, there is quite a lot to catch up on. This week, we’re featuring the metrics to build a sustainable SaaS business, the questions that help you hire the right VP of Marketing, and walk you through Bukalapak’s investor deck as it’s well on the way to become the first tech unicorn in Indonesia to file for IPO.

Happy reading and have a productive week ahead!

10 Ways to Build a Moat in SaaS

Thought SaaS companies don’t have moats? There are actually many of them that you might not know. Here’s how you can build one.

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22 Reasons why investors generally Say “No”

Jason Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr, highlights 22 reasons why he won’t fund a startup even when the business idea is interesting. Take it as a reference to work on your fundraising plan.

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The top 10 questions to ask a VP of Marketing in an interview

10 questions to identify the mismatch and spot the right ones who work out perfectly for your company.

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Better meetings make for better days -
20 ideas to try out with your team

Good meetings can create good energy for the rest of the day. Get the most out of the meetings with these tactical ideas.

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9 highlights from Bukalapak’s confidential investor deck

Indonesia’s Bukalapak is down the IPO road, estimated to reach US$5 billion in valuation and raise US$1.5 billion. This article will break down some of the key highlights from their investor deck.

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