Weekly Newsletter: 2022 SaaS Predictions for the Enterprise

We’re very close to the end of 2021. We’re grateful for the experiences brought to us in 2021 and eager to head into a new start. For the last newsletter of the year, let’s look into the future of SaaS, the current state of venture capital and break down big topics of the tech startup community around the world.
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2022 SaaS Predictions for the Enterprise

The pandemic has definitely changed the way we work and live. How should SaaS solutions adapt to grow and thrive in the coming years?

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Praying For Exits: The Satirist of Venture Capital

Are VCs becoming too entitled? Are trustworthiness and integrity the most important qualities for investing in founders?

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The Big Tech In Quantum Report: How Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, & Intel Are Battling For The Future Of Computing

Quantum computing is making a revolution in tech. How are tech giants establishing themselves in this space?

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8 Laws Driving Success In Tech

8 laws containing some of the most influential ideas that the biggest tech companies use to run their operations, design business models, and build products.

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The 23 Best Books for Startup Founders at Any Stage

There is no better way than learning from people who have gone through what you are going through. Here are the best books featuring various topics from operations, culture building to product development, and more.

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