Weekly Newsletter: 45 entrepreneurs share their favorite startup marketing tools

Welcome to another SEA Founders’ weekly roundup!

This week, we discuss the best marketing strategies/tools to fuel your company growth and the valuable lessons to future-proof your business with any changes and disruptions.

Alternatively, if you want to look further into freemium pricing and optimize this business model, also learn more in the section below!

Have a lovely week ahead!

The ultimate startup marketing strategy

An A – Z guide with 28 lessons from the growth teams at HubSpot, Dropbox, AirBnB, etc, to create an effective marketing plan.

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45 entrepreneurs share their favorite startup marketing tools

From the tools to gauge NPS score, customers’ interest to those that boost organic search or facilitate access to multiple social media accounts, here are the favorite marketing tools from 45 startup founders.

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Everything you need to know about freemium pricing

Freemium is a familiar business model in SaaS but is it right for your business? How to optimize your freemium model? And what is the dark side of going for freemium? 

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10 learnings from Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo on how to do self-service and enterprise right

Dive deep into the story of Vimeo that reached $330m+ in ARR and a stunning growth rate of 56%! Here is how they do self-service and enterprise at the same time.

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A futurist’s guide to preparing your company for constant change

The best time to prepare for changes is before it happens. HBR breaks down four steps leaders can take to prepare for changes and minimize losses when it comes.

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