Weekly Newsletter: 6 product-led growth learnings from SaaStr Annual 2021

Last week wrapped up SaaStr Annual 2021 after three days full of workshops and mentoring sessions. Known as the world’s largest SaaS event, the SaaStr Annual gathered industry experts to discuss hot topics in the field and map out the strategies to help companies achieve hypergrowth.
Scroll down to read and keep yourself inspired with the best learnings from the event!

6 product-led growth sessions from SaaStr Annual 2021

PLG was a dominant topic of the event. Here are the six best sessions presented by top companies to build a product-led strategy that enables rapid and sustainable growth.

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How to form a startup team for success: The complete guide

Going from mastering five essential management skills to coaching and hiring the right people, here’s an all-in-one guide to form an ideal team for your startup.

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If you want to hit the ’22 plan, you’d better be making the hires now

Five things you should do to prepare for 2022. Take these notes to work on your hiring plan and budget allocation.

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Go-to-market strategies: The ultimate playbook for startup expansion to international markets

A long-form article detailing the global expansion strategies from top names such as Airbnb, Dropbox, IKEA, Spotify, Uber. Learn from their mistakes and draft your own toolkit for global growth.

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Series SEA: Who’s investing in the region’s fintech startups?

Fintech is still rising and heating up in Southeast Asia. Which investors are behind these fintech deals? Take a sneak peek at the list of the most active VCs for fintech here!

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