Weekly newsletter: 8 product hurdles every founder must clear

Achieving the product-market fit (PMF) is probably one of the hardest things when building a startup. It’s not just about having a great idea but solving a real problem that is significant enough. 

There are many consistent mistakes that founders tend to make, but luckily, there are also foundational steps you can take to make it right from the first place. Here’s what you should know.

8 product hurdles every founder must clear


These are 8 questions to help you validate your idea, spot the market gap and build an award-winning product. 

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The pre-product-market fit playbook

All you need to know to hit the product-market fit, align your team with each stage of product development and create momentum for your startup.

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28 lessons from Warren Buffett’s annual letters to shareholders

Where Warren Buffet shares his thoughts about the investment strategy, stock ownership, company culture, management, and more.

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YC’s essential startup advice

The most fundamental and transformative advice from YC covering all aspects of a startup life throughout different stages.

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10 learnings from René Lacerte, CEO of Bill.com

Listen to René Lacerte – CEO of Bill.com and learn how he turned Bill.com into a billion-dollar business with 120,000+ customers and $25B+ market cap.

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