Weekly Newsletter – All great things at SEA Founders last week

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We just kick-started the financial year two weeks ago, and here comes the influx of great news coming from SEA Founders members!

Glints have got a US$22,5 fund to venture more with their ambitious plan and the talent report put together by Monk’s Hill Ventures was regarded as the one-of-a-kind guide to tech talent in the region with lots of valuable insights.

Check out all the good things below and don’t forget to scroll down for the latest updates in the tech industry!

Glints have found the silver lining in the pandemic to solve talent problems and 2X their growth. Here’s to the next 10x journey with a full-stack talent ecosystem built across SEA!

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The most comprehensive report on Asia tech talent put together by Monk’s Hill Ventures ranging from C-suites to product management, marketing, data science, etc. Have a look, and feel free to pass on this great piece of work!

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Whether you are getting funded or already raised, a cap table is what’s needed to help you track the stock ownership. Learn how to manage your capital, seed round, series A, ESOP option with this calculator.

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Super app is all the rage in South East Asia, booming across verticals, and aviation is no exception. Here’s how Air Asia get creative, venture out of their core to survive their most difficult times.

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The leak could put 15 million users in SE Asia at risk with personal data subject to exposure. Here’s how Facebook and governments in the region respond.

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