Weekly Newsletter: Build repeatable sales processes and the best channel sales program

Startup sales is undoubtedly hard, as in most cases, there is uncertainty if a market exists. But what is harder? – Building a sale process that wins customers and keeps your employees in line, especially when your customer base grows bigger.

In today’s newsletter, we look at the real cases studies of how startup leaders set up a sales process and how they communicate their values to gain traction and keep their customers coming back for more!

Building repeatable sales processes with Ross Rich from Accord

How to create repeatable and scalable processes when your customer base starts to grow?

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7 Tips to close 7,000 customers from Gorgias’ VP of Sales

Tips to build a robust Growth Machine from Gorgias’s VP of Sales to help you reach 7000 customers in SMB or Mid Market SaaS.

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HubSpot’s ex-VP of channel sales: How to build the world’s best channel sales program

Build your own unique channel sales program through different stages: from nascent, early building to late building and mature phases.

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Learnings from the latest SaaS IPO — Backblaze

Pick up the best lesson from Blackblaze’s success, from how they structure freemium offering to mastering PLG and how they were able to drive additional revenue once a user is on board.

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Finding language-market fit

Finding the exact right words to explain your product or service to prospective customers isn’t just about marketing tactics, it’s language-market fit at work. Learn how to master language-market fit here.

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