Weekly Newsletter: Building a top-notch sales team

​Building a sales team is not as easy as just putting a bunch of people together and having them doing cold calls. It’s the A-game you bring in to generate revenue and keep your business alive. Yet every so often, there is always a reason why a sales team won’t work. Hiring is a big part of the picture.

This week, we break down the 10 common blindspots when hiring a sales team and point out what you should do to help your team close a sale effectively!

10 common blindspots when hiring your first sales team

A quick guide to point out why a sales team won’t work and how you should go about it in the first place.

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Your deal size is your sales team as much as it is your product

“What you build will determine your first 50-100 customers, but later your sales leadership will make a huge impact.” Here are the top 3 secrets to go up-market with 3 sales leaders from Fivetran, Stripe, and Docusign.

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5 tips to reduce the enterprise sales cycle with TripActions’ GM

Here is how you can simplify the sales cycle to speed up the game while continuing to score big deals.

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When Indonesia stole the mega-funding spotlight from Singapore

Indonesia emerges as a spotlight in 2020 with mega-deals that are worth at least $100 million. Will the spotlight continue to be theirs?

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The top 12 reasons startups fail

The latest research on 110+ startups revealed the top 12 reasons why a startup fails. It also provides an explanation and a real case study for each reason. 

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