Weekly Newsletter: Compete against Amazon

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The pandemic has presented not only challenges but also opportunities for many businesses.
It was the launchpad for Amazon to seize market share in healthcare and further exert its influence in the eCommerce space. While Amazon’s growth is intimidating to smaller eCommerce companies, it’s not a dead-end as other e-retailers can still make do with some tactics to gain a competitive edge. Here’s how!

6 trends rising eCommerce players are leveraging to compete against Amazon


Amazon’s growth is both stunning and formidable. How can smaller eCommerce players gain an edge to compete with this tech giant? Here are some trends to watch out for.

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TIA hit a 10-year milestone last week. It was a decade of lots of highs and lows before TIA gets recognized as Southeast Asia’s largest tech media. Here is what Willis Wee – its founder, has picked up from 10 years of founding and running TIA.

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In 2016, when Shopee was still a fledgling firm, Lazada was the largest e-commerce company in the region which just got acquired by Alibaba.

How could Shopee extend the lead over Lazada to become the region’s top online shopping platform? Here are the part 1 and part 2 of the story.


Singapore is widely known as the region’s innovation hub. Now it seems to become a place for SaaS startups in the region with a many successful SaaS businesses.

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The traditional set of SaaS metrics has been the north star to operate a SaaS business. Is it still the playbook to manage a PLG or consumption-based SaaS company as we enter the era of product-led growth?

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