Weekly Newsletter: How to Create FOMO During a Fundraise 

It’s the last day of August, and we’re well on our way to enter the last month of the 3rd quarter. This week, we circle back to raising funds as we know the fundraising process can be arduous, exhausting, and time-consuming. So when we do it, we want to make it right.
Here are some tactics to raise capital and the traps to avoid when you walk down the fundraising path.

6 Fundraising Takeaways from Season 2 of the Founders Forward

Compiling the best lessons to create momentum in the fundraise and common mistakes founders tend to make.

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How to Create FOMO During a Fundraise 

Elizabeth Yin of Hustle Fund breaks down the tactics to create FOMO during a fundraise and how to knock out the seed round with big checks.

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10 marketing tactics that always work for early-stage SaaS startups

Feature the marketing techniques to grow your customer base at early days, going from content marketing to allocating your budget.

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Visual: Startup unicorns are becoming decacorns faster than ever before  

What does it take for a unicorn to become a decacorn? What sectors have decacorn rise faster in the first half of 2021 and what does this imply?

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How a Singapore crypto startup became a unicorn in just two years

Matrixport hit unicorn status with a $1B valuation after just 2 years. What are the major drivers for its growth and how did it become a unicorn so quickly?

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