Weekly Newsletter: The Executive Recruiting Playbook

Hiring executives is like building a well-oiled machine to help your startup function and sometimes, it’s a painstaking process. But once you get hold of the right person, the rest is much easier because all sorts of things will magically just get done. People will get hired, deals will get closed, process will tighten up. It can be a wondrous experience.” said Elad Gil – VP at Twitter 

Ready to hire the top-notch, high-functioning C-suite team? Here you go!

The executive recruiting playbook

The hiring strategy that goes beyond matching relevant industry experience to find the best leadership talents.

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Hire growth handbook: Hiring executives

A comprehensive guide to building a C-suite team with a high capacity to lead the team and execute ambitious business plans.

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The playbook for hiring the right marketer at the right time for your startup

Tips and hacks to narrow in on the right profiles and look for the first-rate marketers who align with your go-to-market strategy.

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GitLab analysis:  Is it an overpriced tech company?

An inside-out analysis into the growth story of Gitlab. Will they be able to reach optimistic milestones with the current cash burn rate?

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Series A startups take note: R+K>1 is your formula for success

Peng T. Ong discusses tools and metrics to measure/increase retention and vitality for early-stage startups.

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