Weekly Newsletter: The Real Ventures’ playbook for startup success

Conventional wisdom says 90% of startups fail, so what makes the 10% succeed? This topic is nothing new to us, but it never hurts to get a new perspective on what we should do to keep ourselves on the 10% benchmark. This week, we are talking about what makes a startup successful and looking into a SaaS company that pivoted to $100 Million ARR in three years after many struggles.

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The Real Ventures’ playbook for startup success

8 patterns usually seen at successful startups and how to implement each one at your startup.

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Recruiting outside of your personal network

A Stripe recruiter explains how to recruit new employees after you’ve exhausted your personal network. 

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Top 2021 Fintech reports

Funding to the space has already nearly doubled 2020’s year-end total as of Q3’21 to reach $94.7B. Look into what’s in store for fintech in 2022!

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$100 million ARR pivot: from platform product to vertical apps with Treasure Data

Struggled as a big data company, Treasure Data has gone from $20m to $100m in 3 years after pivoting to a more vertical solution. Here’s the story behind the pivoting decision and its success.

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Behind the crypto project backed by Temasek, JP Morgan, DBS

All about the power balance between merchants, banks, and payment firms. How is it shifting now?

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