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Starting a company is hard... scaling it is even harder.

In your journey scaling your startup in Southeast Asia, you long for trustworthy communities of knowledgeable peers to whom you can turn. Advisors and coaches you can access, especially in the most challenging of times. Friends with whom you can celebrate successes. A community you can belong to. The community for tech founders in Southeast Asia is in its infancy. It can barely be said to exist. But we’re glad to say that it exists now—for you—in SEA Founders. 

SEA Founders is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting founders—the people who are building the next generation of Southeast Asia's companies. Our mission is to build the best open community in Southeast Asia for tech leaders to share ideas, stay accountable, and gain support in building their businesses. Our programs are operated by Found8, who has a proven track record of providing businesses the right solutions and networks for more than half a decade.

Our Programs: FCP | MasterClasses | LocalForums

SEA Founders Board Members

Roger James Hamilton

Entrepreneur's Institute
Roger James Hamilton is a world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profiling systems, used by over 250,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

So-Young Kang

Founder + CEO
So-Young Kang has nearly 20 years of experience advising leaders globally and is a sought-after speaker across US, Asia, Middle East and Africa on various topics across leadership, innovation and transformation. She is founder and CEO of Gnowbe.

Tomas Laboutka

Hotel Quickly
Tomas Laboutka is a serial entrepreneur and leader who is passionate about innovating and shaking up industries. Over the course of the past decade, he has built and scaled four ventures, including Hotel Quicky.

Peng T. Ong

Managing Partner
Monk's Hill Ventures
Peng T. Ong was the co-founder and CTO of Match.com (acquired by IAC). After Match.com, he was the founder and CEO of Interwoven, which went public on NASDAQ. He is currently the managing partner at Monks Hill Ventures.

Grace Sai

Co-founder & CEO
Grace Sai is regarded as the node of entrepreneurship ecosystem in Asia and speaks widely on that topic. She is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD and a Kauffman Fellow. Grace also has an MBA from University of Oxford, where she graduated with Distinction (Skoll Scholarship).

Founders’ Coaching Pause

The Founders’ Coaching Pause is a ”kick-off“ 3-day seminar that is not just knowledge-packed with frameworks and operating principles, but we will do some deep work to get you personally aligned for guiding your team into the realm of explosive growth.

The FCP is currently held twice a year for founders of Series A and later stage companies.

Membership to SEA Founders is not required for attendance of FCP.


Our MasterClasses are weekend-intensive excursions held every 3 months all over Southeast Asia. You’ll build a network with global tech leaders, each with a rich library of experiences for you to learn from.

Every MasterClass is carefully designed to include guided sessions and intensive Q&As with speakers. In between sessions, you’ll taste the best of each city’s cuisine while discussing insights with your peers.

Membership to SEA Founders includes access to all MasterClasses.


Our community stays connected with small groups (4~8 founders) in LocalForums in your home cities. The LocalForums meet once a month for three hours at a time, setting dates six months in advance as part of our mutual commitment to the community and to each other. By sharing personal updates and business developments within a structured agenda, we build intimate, reliable touch points that last for lifetimes.

Membership to SEA Founders includes Forum Moderator Training, and qualifies you to apply for membership into one of your LocalForums, or for you to help us start a LocalForum in your city. (There is an interview process required for admission into a LocalForum.)

Effective and Efficient
Talent Recruitment

with Dan Neary
VP, Facebook Asia Pacific

Building Scalable Products
for your Region

with Caesar Sengupta
VP of Product Management, Google

Smarter Regional Expansion + Healthy Investor Relationships

with ChangWen Lai
CEO, Ninja Van


Founders’ Coaching Pause

The Founders’ Coaching Pause (FCP) is a 3-day leadership program for entrepreneurs to take a moment to pause and focus on their “why”—both by being coached and by learning to coach. In other words, how to turbo-charge the most important resources of your company: you and your people. The program gives founders like you a chance to reflect on how your values connect with your leadership agenda and how you run your company.

  • Explore what drives you: your values
  • Align your business to what's important to you
  • Apply frameworks for building fast-growth teams
  • Understand the rthymns for your business
  • Study the theory and practice of coaching
  • Dissect your business model
  • Prepare to super-scale your startup
  • Connect with fellow founders

The participants are a tightly curated group of founders leading Series A and later stage companies. The goal of FCP is to provide a coaching environment and network for the founder and to connect the participants as a group. This program has had seven previous batches since 2015. Previous participants include founders from Crayon Data, Shopback, CXA, Horangi, TradeGecko, NinjaVan, to name a few.

Article by attendee: 10 Takeaways from FCP

FCP: Past Attendees

Casey Liang 
Co-founder of Pomelo Fashion

Araya Hutasuwan
Co-founder + CFO of Snapcart


Guillem Segarra
CEO of Happyfresh